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History of the Gator Bait Enduro

Gator Bait Race Flyer(click here!)...(right now!)...(stop procrastinating!)


In 1998, the Trail Riders of Houston began building a trail system at the new Skull Creek lease.  By the end of 1999, the club held several Hare Scrambles to include an epic 25 mile loop that was dubbed the Gator Bait Hare Scrambles due to the known alligators on the property and to encourage slower riders to avoid possibly providing said alligators lunch if things didn’t work out due to poor riding skills.  This began the idea that an Enduro could be held with the existing trails and some creative routing.  In 2002, the concept came to life as a AMA International Six Day Enduro qualifier.  The successful two day event challenged riders from across the nation and state that had dreams of qualifying as a USA Team rider.  As the 2006 Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit began, a North Texas club lost their lease property and event, so a last minute call was put out by the State Circuit Board to try and have a replacement event.  Although the 2006 Caney Creek National Enduro was on the schedule for September, TRH rose to the occasion and was able to put together a two loop timekeeping format Enduro in March that was muddy but well liked by the riders.  In 2007, TRH put Gator Bait back on the schedule for the Texas Enduro Circuit.  But this time the event was operated under the emerging re-start enduro format.  Once again the event was a success and well liked by the riders.  With the arrival of 2008, the gravel mining began to destroy the existing trail system at Skull Creek, but TRH was able to put together enough challenging trail to give the Texas riders one last Gator Bait experience.  Maybe…

From 2008-2011, the TRH Skull Creek Committee led the way to completely redefined and re-established the Skull Creek trails putting the once withering club lease back on the map.  With a bold move in September 2011, the club went forward to the Texas Enduro Circuit and stood up to hold the 2012 Gator Bait 2-day Enduro on April 20-21, 2012.  In the end, the event was a success.   Gator Bait in April 2013 was a disaster due to the all day rain the day before the event.  The enduro was held, but in a shortened format.

Now it's 2014, and on April 27th, the TRH Gator Bait Enduro is back with a vengence to remind the Texas Enduro riders how we roll in South Texas.  See you there!  

Gator Bait Chairman:

2006-2007        Lynn Bailey 
2008                 Robbie Austin
2012                 Lynn Bailey
2013                 Brian Perret


 2014 Family Race Series

 Round  Date  Race Type  Location  Race Chairman  Race Name
 1  March 9th  Hare Scramble  Brunes Mill Brad Geigley Rad Brad's Hare Scramble (rain out)
 2  May 18th  Hare Scramble  Brunes Mill Brad Geigley

Rad Brad's Hare Scramble
(Part Deux) 

 3  Sept. 21st  Enduro  Sam Houston East Side  Lynn Bailey
 4  Oct 19th  Enduro  Kelly's Pond  Randy Fuller


To volunteer to chair a race or for questions, please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it    


Steve Hatch Riding School

These dates are still open! May 12,14,15,16,17,18th.

TRH has a chance to be a part of the “Steve Hatch Racing” riding school at Skull Creek. In case you do
not know Steve Hatch, he was a factory Suzuki and Kawasaki off-road star and can still lay down some
serious skills on a dirt bike. He has a traveling school and will be down to Texas and has opentins for May 12,14,15,16,17,18th. I need to see what the interest level is for TRH members to see if we can build a few classes. This way we can respond with a plan and get him to
Texas for TRH. Here is the deal: Hatch offers an eight-hour class for $1000. He can do a one on one class ($1000) or we can create a group of up to 10 riders that breaks down to $100 each rider. Other rider combinations (5-6) require public math, so go ahead, we’ll wait. I would prefer grouping same skilled riders if possible.
Currently we have about six TRH members that signed up for a March class – the dates have changed for that week Hatch will be in Houston, so please note that change!
Steve Hatch's Accomplishments:
• 1994 National Enduro Champion
• Over 50 National Victories
• 2-time amateur athlete of the year
• 6-time ISDE Gold Medalist
• Top American at ISDE Czecho
• Leader of Junior Trophy Team 91 Czecho
Once we get an idea on the interest, TRH can get into the details of the school. Interested, please contact Lynn Bailey at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
For more info on Steve Hatch Racing and his program:
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