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Notice: The ballot for the upcoming elections has been completed. Please download a copy and bring the completed copy to the next General Meeting or mail it in to our PO box. Ballots mailed in must arrive at the PO BOX THREE DAYS before the next General Meeting.


OFFICIAL TRH Ballot FormVoting Instructions:

1.This ballot may be cast either in absentia or in person at the General meeting during which elections are to be held for Board Members listed on this ballot form.

2.Use a black or blue ink pen to clearly mark your choices and to complete and sign the ballot.

3.To vote for your choice, either place an X or completely fill in the box next to the candidate of your choice.

4.Mail in ballots must be received at the address listed at the bottom of this form at least 3 days prior to the General Meeting during which elections are to be held5.Hand delivered balllots must be presented to the Membership Chairman or designated Board member at or before the General Meeting during which elections are to be held.

6.Incomplete and/or late ballots will be disregarded. 

Click this link to download the Ballot:  TRH BALLOT

TRH Membership
Attn: December Elections
PO Box 270242
Houston, Texas 77277



All Trail Riders of Houston members:

On November 5, 2014, the Trail Riders of Houston was notified by the Skull Creek property landowner that TRH is to cease all activities at the club lease property on December 31, 2014.  There is a potential that we will be required to vacate sooner, that is still developing.  As most of you know, the gravel mining has created a devastating impact to our ability to create and maintain trails to safely enjoy.  A new gravel mining company has gained control of the property and will begin aggressively mining the remaining property that we utilize.

Obviously, this news is distressing to those members that have built and enjoyed what the lease property had to offer.  Consequently, we are at the end of that era and relationship with the current Skull Creek lease property.  There is no recourse, negotiation or reversal of the landowner’s decision for our existence, thus we will move forward.  Apparently, this decision is stemming from a worksite safety warning issued to the companies that conduct mining operations on the property.  TRH has enjoyed a strong relationship with the landowner since 1998 and he has agreed to offer the Trail Riders of Houston to utilize a 1100 acre property a few miles south of Skull Creek.  We are currently negotiating that possibility.  More to come on that development.

So, where do we go from here?  Your TRH Board of Directors are fully engaged and will lead this club out of the set back and I can guarantee that the club will survive and evolve into something that you and your family will want to remain a part of.  This club began in 1969 and existed without a club lease until 1998, when we gained Skull Creek.  Prior to 1998, TRH held, at a minimum, three to four Family events and the Texas Enduro Circuit event each year just like we do now.  TRH had a strong presence and relationship with the Sam Houston National Forest Rangers just like we do now.  We will continue to be the premiere off-road club in South Texas, but we need your support as we transition and seek out a new club lease along the lines of what Skull Creek provided for our enjoyment.

What does TRH need from you?  As of this moment without another firm lease property, we need everyone to please re-join TRH for 2015 with the $45 General Membership.  We need everyone that may remotely know someone that has a similar type property to Skull Creek to please speak up and make that connection to the Board of Directors and hopefully negotiate a lease.  We need everyone to stay involved and connected via the TRH Facebook page, Texas Off Road Network, and emails.  We need everyone to come ride and enjoy the events that we will schedule for the 2015 Family Series. 

At the end of the day, club lease or not, we are a group of people that spends our hard earned money on a sport that the entire family can enjoy in the great outdoors.  We are not going away, just evolving.  Please choose to be an active part of our future.  I'm excited to see where we go from here!

Keep Calm and Ride On,

Lynn Bailey  


Joining TRH

To become a member of the Trail Riders of Houston, print the membership application and mail to the address below.

For membership information, e-mail your name and address to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Anyone wishing to join TRH may submit their application and annual dues of $45.00 for themselves, and their immediate family (dependent spouse and children) to the current Membership Chairperson at any meeting or event or by mailing to:

TRH - Membership
P.O. Box 270242
Houston, Texas 77277
Anyone interested in joining the Skull Creek Cycle Park may contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


TRH Membership

As a permanent member, you will be eligible to vote in all general membership elections (one vote per family). You will also receive the TRH monthly newsletter. Permanent members in good standing can be elected and serve on the TRH Board of Directors.  To remain a permanent member in good standing, you must: 1) pay your annual dues , and 2) perform a minimum of four (4) workdays a year per family by December 31.

Workdays can be achieved in various ways but there are a few things you should understand about the workdays. The first is that members must work one day toward the Caney Creek Enduro (the TRH sponsored Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit event). The remaining three days may be served as the member chooses. Being the Chairman of an event or a member of the Board of Directors will fulfill ALL your workdays for the year.


Skull Creek Membership

Skull Creek Cycle Park is approximately 3000 acres of private property leased by TRH for motorcycle recreation and off-road events. Skull Creek Cycle Park membership is limited to 150 member families.  Membership for Skull Creek is $250 for new members and $235 for renewing members.  The membership fee is comprised of a $45 TRH membership, $190 Skull Creek membership and for new members a $15 administrative fee.  Membership includes adult member, spouse and unmarried children under age 18 or 23, if a full time college student. 

Skull Creek Members are required to participate in four (4) work days per year, one of which will be working the Caney Creek Enduro (the TRH sponsored Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit event).  The remaining work day obligations include participating in workdays and routine trail maintenance at the park.  There is a non-working membership option available for an additional $200 that exempts you from all TRH and Skull Creek related work days.  Un-scheduled work day arrangements can be made by contacting the park director at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


American Motorcycle Association Membership 

With members' help, the AMA is waging many battles for motorcyclists' rights.

  • Some health-insurance policies won't pay for injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash. We're fighting to end this discrimination.
  • Congress tried to kill the Recreational Trails Program in 2012 that the AMA helped create in the 1990s to create and maintain off-highway riding trails.
  • Land grabs that force responsible off-highway vehicle riders from long-established, legitimate off-highway routes, including attempts by the U.S. Interior Department to bypass Congress using bureaucratic procedures.
  • Unfair sound ordinances and discriminatory vehicle checkpoints that specifically target motorcyclists and ignore other road users.
  • The “lead law” that effectively banned the sale of kids dirtbikes and all-terrain vehicles starting in 2009. The AMA played a major role in overturning the ban in 2011.


Still on the sidelines? Join today and lock arms with your fellow riders. Show our elected leaders that you're willing to fight for your riding rights.

As a bonus, if you use this link, you will also be supporting TRH though the AMA Affiliate Program! How cool is that? (Join Now - Click Here)

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