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Sat, Jan 31st, 2015, @8:30am - 02:00PM
Saturday January 31, Work Day @ The 1100 8:30 - 2:00PM
Sat, Jan 31st, 2015, @3:00pm - 05:00PM
Saturday January 31, General Meeting @ SC 3:00 PM
Sat, Feb 21st, 2015, @8:30am - 02:00PM
Saturday Feb 21 - Race Prep Day at 1100 @ 8:30AM
Sat, Feb 21st, 2015, @2:00pm - 05:00PM
Saturday Feb 21 - Family Series 2014 Awards 3:00 PM SC Park
Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015
Sun, Feb 22, 2015 Family Race #1

Sun.18 Jan - 1100 OPEN DAY. 

Directions:From Columbus: 71S  about 14 miles.Turn right on CR 111.  Proceed about 2 miles west. Entrance is second dirt road on right after railway track & opposite Hanson Arena Plant. Follow TRH arrows in from there.   (From the intersection at 90 and 71 it is about 4.7 miles south to CR 111)

Sat. 31 Jan - 1100 Work Day + 1st Quarterly General Meeting at Skull Creek Pavilion 3pm

Sat. 21 Feb - 1100 Race Prep Day. 

                    Family Enduro Awards/Hall of Fame Banquet at Skull Creek Pavilion 6pm

Sun. 22 Feb - Family Race Series - Race 1 Hare-Scramble on 1100. Chairmen: Eric Pullen & Kenny Grundman


Letter from TRH President Juliet Peters


The new 2015 lease agreement & insurance policy updates for the 1100 acre
lease that TRH property members will have access to for off-road riding purposes
are very near to completion. As soon as all the business dealings are in order we
will be able to allow member access to the 1100. We are hoping to be open on
Jan 1 but, as you can imagine, with the Christmas & New Year Holidays, this may
not be possible.

The property itself is located a few miles south of Skull Creek. It has two large
basins surrounded by dunes which seem to be quite gravelly. There are a bunch
of open levees, flat track areas & some really beautiful ponds. It has lots of potential
and is going to require some effort on behalf of the membership to develop
a trail system.Currently there are no facilities at all but TRH plans to have permanent
portacans.Camping will be primitive only. No dumping of waste tanks & all
trash must be taken home. The rules will be similar to those which were employed
at Skull Creek.

Membership & Release forms are ready to be published on the TRH website at as soon as the legal business is complete.

2015 Membership Dues:

TRH 1100 Cycle Park Membership (Working) $ 145
TRH 1100 Cycle Park Membership(Non-Working) $ 445
TRH General Membership (no access to lease) $ 45

All 2014 Skull Creek Members in good standing will be offered 1100 Cycle Park
Memberships first.To claim your spot you must sign up by Jan 25,2015. The first
Family Series Race is on this day at the 1100. Please come out to ride the event
& get signed up. After Jan 25,2015 anyone is eligible to apply for 1100 membership.
This year, there is NO PayPal. Please print out both the membership form &
waiver form mail them in with your payment to:

270242,HOUSTON,TX 77277.

** No gate codes will be given out until the paperwork is received. You may also sign-up at the first race in person.


The Landlord has allowed us to retain our 5 acre campground & use of the big
barn for equipment storage on condition there is absolutely No offroad activity
conducted on the property. NO MC,ATV,UTV - not even little kids riding in camp.
It is just for camping, hanging out & having the odd club meeting or feast. All mx
tracks are to be destroyed. Access to the campground is to be only from the main
gate along the camp road. Once there, nobody is to leave camp on any type of
vehicle or on foot.No Riding. No Fishing. No Hiking. No collecting firewood.
Anybody reported trespassing on another part of the property will have
their TRH membership terminated & they will be prosecuted.
If people abuse these rules we will be forced to remove this camping privilege so,
we hope for the good of all, everyone will behave. A single infraction will close it
down! It may sound tough but it allows us to keep using the pavilion, cabin,showers,
toilets,hookups etc which we have invested so much money, time & effort


January 31, WORK DAY AT 1100  start at 9am

January 31, GENERAL MEETING at  Skull Creek @ 3:00PM

Feburary 12, Pre-Race work day at The 1100 @ 8:30 AM

Feburary 21, 2014 Family Series Awards Banquet at Skull Creek Campground @ 3:00 PM

February 22, 2015 Family Race #1 - Hare-Scramble on Eleven Hundred - chaired by Eric Pullen & Kenny Grundman. It’s all new terrain so I hope you all give them both a helping hand in the few weeks they have leading up to the race.

Merry Christmas everyone & here’s to another great riding year!

Happy Trails!
Juliet Peters
Contact phone: 281 259 0510 Email: skullcreek@sbcglobal.





 Skull Creek Notice


All Trail Riders of Houston members:

On November 5, 2014, the Trail Riders of Houston was notified by the Skull Creek property landowner that TRH is to cease all activities at the club lease property on December 31, 2014.  There is a potential that we will be required to vacate sooner, that is still developing.  As most of you know, the gravel mining has created a devastating impact to our ability to create and maintain trails to safely enjoy.  A new gravel mining company has gained control of the property and will begin aggressively mining the remaining property that we utilize.

Obviously, this news is distressing to those members that have built and enjoyed what the lease property had to offer.  Consequently, we are at the end of that era and relationship with the current Skull Creek lease property.  There is no recourse, negotiation or reversal of the landowner’s decision for our existence, thus we will move forward.  Apparently, this decision is stemming from a worksite safety warning issued to the companies that conduct mining operations on the property.  TRH has enjoyed a strong relationship with the landowner since 1998 and he has agreed to offer the Trail Riders of Houston to utilize a 1100 acre property a few miles south of Skull Creek.  We are currently negotiating that possibility.  More to come on that development.

So, where do we go from here?  Your TRH Board of Directors are fully engaged and will lead this club out of the set back and I can guarantee that the club will survive and evolve into something that you and your family will want to remain a part of.  This club began in 1969 and existed without a club lease until 1998, when we gained Skull Creek.  Prior to 1998, TRH held, at a minimum, three to four Family events and the Texas Enduro Circuit event each year just like we do now.  TRH had a strong presence and relationship with the Sam Houston National Forest Rangers just like we do now.  We will continue to be the premiere off-road club in South Texas, but we need your support as we transition and seek out a new club lease along the lines of what Skull Creek provided for our enjoyment.

What does TRH need from you?  As of this moment without another firm lease property, we need everyone to please re-join TRH for 2015 with the $45 General Membership.  We need everyone that may remotely know someone that has a similar type property to Skull Creek to please speak up and make that connection to the Board of Directors and hopefully negotiate a lease.  We need everyone to stay involved and connected via the TRH Facebook page, Texas Off Road Network, and emails.  We need everyone to come ride and enjoy the events that we will schedule for the 2015 Family Series. 

At the end of the day, club lease or not, we are a group of people that spends our hard earned money on a sport that the entire family can enjoy in the great outdoors.  We are not going away, just evolving.  Please choose to be an active part of our future.  I'm excited to see where we go from here!

Keep Calm and Ride On,

Lynn Bailey  

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