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Upcoming events

TRH Members,

Below is the schedule of weekends that the property will be available to us throughout the 2018 calendar year.  Below that is some Q&A I've received up to this point.  Again, more detailed information will be released as it comes available.


  • 1.       February 3-4
  • 2.       March 10-11 **(rescheduled Feb. 24-25)
  • 3.       March 16-18 (3-day; spring break weekend)
  • 4.       April 7-8
  • 5.       April 28-29
  • 6.       June 2-3
  • 7.       June 30-July 1
  • 8.       July 21-22
  • 9.       August 11-12
  • 10.   September 1-3 (3-day; labor day weekend)
  • 11.   September 15-16
  • 12.   October 27-28 (Updated Date)
  • 13.   November 10-11 (Updated Date)
  • 14.   November 17-18 (Updated Date)
  • 15.   December 8-9


This schedule is subject to change, but very unlikely.  We had to step on some of the "rain-out" dates posted by local race series, but that's just the way things are.  Please remember TRH caters to all riders and not just racers, so we will do whatever possible to keep the dates we've published.

Here's some Q&A on

  • 1.       If a weekend gets rained out will it be rescheduled?  Yes, If possible, we will reschedule the weekend that is rained out.
  • 2.       Will the set weekends be scheduled around the local off road race series?  Yes, as best as we can.  Remember, there’s only so many weekends in a year.  We may have to step on a race weekend, but we will try to schedule around if at all possible.   
  • 3.       If TRH has a race weekend will that weekend be on one of the 15 weekends set aside for members? No.  Race weekends put on by TRH, including the TSCEC event TRH hosts in September will be separate from the ride membership weekends.
  • 4.       Will a port-a-potty be on site?  Yes, we will have a permanent portacan (possibly more) on site that will be regularly cleaned by the local septic service company.
  • 5.       Can a spectator drive ATVs/UTVs outside the camp area?  No. The person must be a member to operate powersports vehicles on the property.
  • 6.       Can a spectator ride in ATVs/UTVs outside the camp area? Yes.  Every person that enters the property must sign the general liability waiver and agritourism acknowledgement upon entering the property.  Minor Releases must also be filled out each visit for anybody under the age of 18.


Brian Perret

TRH - President


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